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Sheeth Kriya: The best Ayurveda Treatment to help you get ready for the Summer

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Sheeth Kriya is an ancient Ayurveda Treatment or technique that is specifically designed to cool you down in the summers. This treatment doesn’t simply reduce the temperature of your skin like an ice pack but also replenishes vital nutrients and stimulates natural functions that allows your cooling charkas to function smoothly, ensuring a long lasting and deep seated sense of imperturbable calmness and comfort during the long hot summers.

According to Ayurveda, the human body is extremely adept at handling extreme temperatures and has several built-in mechanisms that moderate the temperature and allows the human body to function without any discomfort or unease. Unfortunately, due to unnatural lifestyles, gaps in nutrition and lack of proper blood and water circulation, our bodies can lose this natural ability to cool itself.

Ayurveda aims to restore this innate ability by replenishing and reinvigorating the skin, scalp, face, chest, joints and other areas that play an important part in the complex process by which the human body isolates, absorbs, redistributes and dissipates excess heat. It also aims at rebalancing the Chakras and Doshas, specifically the Pitta Dosha to ensure smooth functioning of these vital processes.

Besides providing much needed relief from the heat, the ancient practice of Sheeth Kriya also has several other important benefits for the human body. It reduces hypertension, inflammation, indigestion and hyper acidity. It also conditions the skin and stimulates the production of natural enzymes that allow the skin to reflect heat, reduce tanning, prevent sunburns and reduce dandruff and dry, scaly skin that is not able to protect itself from the heat.

Sheeth Kriya- the best Ayurveda treatment

What does the treatment entail?

Sheeth Kriya is an easy and painless treatment that primarily involves 3 different types of massage and several types of Lepam (rubs) using oils and ointments that have been prescribed for this purpose by the science of Ayurveda. This ancient science does not just tell us what intrinsic properties are present in naturally occurring substances and how they effect the human body but it also tells us the combinations that best allow us to absorb an utilize these nutrients.

Using extracts and oils of naturally occurring substances such as Cucumber Oil, Aloe Vera, Amla Juice, Sandlewood and a host of other miraculous organic products, expert practitioners stimulate, incite and rekindle the body’s natural but dormant superpowers to enable it to perfectly perform the functions that they are designed for.

Where to get Sheeth Kriya Treatment?

Nowadays, there are several well qualified and comfortable Ayurveda Spas and Treatment centers, which perform Sheeth Kriya and other Ayurveda Treatments. One of the best places for these treatments is Spa Hibiscus, the best-known and most authentic Ayurveda Spa that still uses only the original and widely accepted tenets of Ayurveda Science to deliver visible and miraculous results.

You can simply search the internet or contact the spa directly to locate a branch that is close to you. Besides Sheeth Kriya, Spa Hibiscus also offers a wide range of wellness treatments and salon services that can lead to a marked improvement in your health, well being, aura, appearance and lifestyle. With a little bit of care, we can all look forward to a comfortable and rewarding summer season.

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