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Nourish your skin with our all natural, Ayurvedic formulations!

In this “instant” world, where we are constantly being bombarded by different facts, tips, and tricks related to healthcare, it can sometimes be very difficult to sift through what is real and what has been fabricated. We need instant results, and are often willing to endanger our health for a celebrity-like look. Nature, however,  takes its own course, and though slow, you can always be sure about the benefits associated with using natural and organic products.

At Hibiscus, we are committed to bringing you completely natural and top of the line products.

Hibiscus has its our own manufacturing in Siidcul Pauri, Uttarakhand and manufactures its own spa products and hotel amenities. Our range of products is perfectly adapted from traditional Ayurvedic skin healing practises; aiding in the holistic rejuvenation and detoxification of the skin.  Our products have minimal preservatives and are completely paraben and sulphate free.

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