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Mind, Body and Spirit: The Holistic Approach to Wellness at Our Spa

Ancient Ayurvedic Knowledge tells us that the human mind, body and soul are deeply interconnected and must be treated together. Anything that impacts one element of this holy trinity inevitability impacts the other two. Therefore, any wellness treatment must follow a holistic approach to be truly effective and beneficial.

Allopathic Medicine often follows a narrower approach. It tends to treat the body alone as a separate entity and is hence often times unsuccessful. A holistic approach is the gentler, kinder and deeper way to treat health problems because at the very least, it causes no harm and at best, leads to miraculous and multifaceted improvements towards overall wellness.

The Holistic Approach by Spa Hibiscus

Spa Hibiscus is the best Luxury Spa and Wellness Center in India. It follows the holistic approach to wellness and can boast of a proven track record of helping people, healing problems and advancing overall health and wellness. To do this, it focuses on mind, body and spirit.

Guests at Spa Hibiscus are received with a welcome drink and a foot wash. This is in line with Ayurvedic tradition and has some very real benefits. The welcome drink hydrates the body, tells the mind to prepare for healing and connects the spirit to the caregivers. It may seem trivial but this symbolic ancient tradition is a good example of the holistic approach.

A foot wash with salt water is how guests were welcomed in ancient India. Symbolically, this signals the washing away of negative energy and inadvertent pollutants before you enter the abode and also demonstrates the host’s welcoming attitude, respectful hospitality and care for the guest. At Spa Hibiscus, this ancient practice prepares the guest’s body, mind and soul for wellness.

These are just two examples of the many ways that Spa Hibiscus utilizes the three-pronged approach. The interior of the Spa is designed for wellness and incorporates the right music, colors, orientation and tone to immerse the guest’s 5 senses into an environment that is apt for treatment. An Ayurveda Doctor on call and the healing touch of the Therapist does the rest.

An Ayurveda Doctor also has other benefits. He or she is able to fully explain the issue to the mind of the guest while he gives patients the will and the understanding to overcome the problem. He or she can determine the source of the problem before prescribing the right nutrients, medication and lifestyle changes to help the body heal but proper healing will occur only when all faculties are in synch.

Benefits of the Holistic Approach to Wellness

When all three aspects of the individual are treated together, the results can be inspiring and overwhelming. Guests at Spa Hibiscus can feel a sea change in their overall health, mental health, mood and creativity. This approach doesn’t just solve problems but creates overall wellness for a truly joyous life.

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