Signature Treatments

Spa Hibiscus takes you on a journey to relaxation. On route you can find inner peace, oneness, and can attain stillness of the mind. Everything that we do is driven by this desire to give you the ultimate experience. Whether it is our soothing music, or the pure oils/scrubs and wraps that touch and caress you, or the expert hands of our therapist gently massaging wellness in your being….we just want you to feel pampered and relaxed and we take pride in having made a “beautiful difference in your life”.


Some of our popular signature treatments are:


Tan Trayati  

 2 Hr 15 Min.

An award winning Signature Ritual which incorporates the ancient ritual for dead skin removal by a specially made dough. This is followed by a chakra balancing massage, while a paste of Hibiscus is applied to the scalp. This journey ends with a steam & shower, while the therapist gently brings you back to the real world by giving you a perfect blow-dry.



Back to Basics 

3 Hr.

This signature ritual from Spa Hibiscus aims at taking you back to your roots, your basics, where everything was pure, un adulterated, and your soul free from any stress and modern day adulteration.


An all natural ritual that starts with a special “Rain Massage” that is inspired from Jamaica, and is done using a bamboo. A natural Ayurvedic facial post this ensures you look fresh too. This is followed by our natural foot spa, while a natural

hibiscus head mask soaks away your toxins and nourishes your scalp. The ritual is complete after a wash with our own sulphate free shampoo. So say ‘bye’ to chemicals, endorse purity and lets go back to basics.


Signature Massage  

90 Min (75 Min massage, followed by steam)

Our Signature Massage combines the strokes of Thai Massage and Swedish Massage to create a truly relaxing and rejuvenating massage ritual. It incorporates a face massage, touch of foot reflexology, and a head massage, making it a

truly relaxing experience.

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