Back to Basics….nostalgic about childhood

Through our years of providing holistic care, we have constantly tried to give our patrons what we discovered is the best. And we also realised that the best, need not be provided at exorbitant rates.  In the process, we have tried to use products which originate from nature. Simple, basic and no-fuss products that will enrich the user’s daily lifestyle and drastically reduce exposure to synthetic, inorganic chemicals.


We created Massage oils, Scrubs and Hair care products ranging from Anti Dandruff Hair oil to Hair strengthening shampoo to Hair conditioner. Each and every product is designed to solve a problem without creating another (as most synthetic cosmetics are prone to). Our Hair care range is meant to cater to  all who lose sleep about losing hair. We are not giving you any magic elixir that guarantees instant results, but a simple remedy that we came upon while searching through the hair care tips we heard from Grandmothers.


Our Natural Massage oils are  used in our massages too. When you come in for a massage appointment, you get to choose from the collection of oils, since we believe  in trusting your body’s natural instincts. 


Our oils are made in combinations that cater to your current needs but also listen to the wisdom of our past. Remember how your granny and mother gave you oil baths?


Also, every time you choose a massage , your fragrant, therapeutic massage oil comes from a sealed bottle and  if there is any balance, you get to take it home. It is NEVER used on another patron. Rest assured and feel pampered , just like childhood days.


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